Created by professional dancer and fitness expert, Samantha Jo Palermo, THE SEMINAR was specifically designed to shed light on the importance of fitness and nutrition as it relates to the aspiring performer.

In this seminar, young performers will participate in a functional fitness workout, learn the science behind performance nutrition in an accessible and relatable manner, and walk away with a better understanding of how their physical fitness and eating habits can help them reach their full performing potential.

Addressing energy demands, eating on college budgets, and the healthy balance of training and eating to prevent injury and overuse, the seminar covers a wide array of knowledge and can be tailored to fit your students’ needs.



2 HOUR SEMINAR: 30 minute functional fitness class, followed by nutrition seminar.

3 HOUR SEMINAR: 60 minute functional fitness class, followed by nutrition seminar with Q/A.

FULL DAY SEMINAR: 60 minute functional fitness class, followed by fitness and nutrition seminar with Q/A, one-on-one 15 minute coaching sessions with students and/or dance master class.


‘I'm obsessed with Sam! The whole thing was so great and informative. I feel so much more aware of what I'm putting into my body to get the results I want.’

‘She was extremely efficient in tailoring a discussion fit to our needs. For instance, she had the hand out for guidance but she was so willing to answer our questions even if they deviated from the topic…’

‘Loved it!!!! Sam was so motivational. The fitness portion was so much fun and then the nutrition portion was so beneficial and informative.’