Transformations and Client Success

"The most confident and happy in my own skin"      "If you're looking to improve... Sam is the path you want to take"      "Sam is extremely friendly, down-to-earth, and accessible... never gives less that 110%. I am proud and thankful to have her as my trainer" 

I have been working with Sam for about 4 months now. I started working with her while I was on a bus-and-truck tour around the country earlier this year. It was difficult to really find meals that weren't fast food stops or gyms that didn't only consist of a treadmill, but working alongside (virtually) with Sam, pushed me to not only lose weight, but lean out my body. Now we're working on building that muscle to get me ready for bigger and brighter things in the performing arts. Sam's input and loyalty to her clients really make me want to push harder and lift heavier! If you're looking to improve, not only physical, but also your mental, emotional, and dietary health, then Sam is the path you want to take!

 I have been a client for 8 months now, and I can confidently say that with Sam's help I have not only fully recovered from my eating disorder and developed a healthy relationship with food, but also learned so much about my body and how powerful it truly is! Her customized plans taught me how to push limits and grow stronger to get the desired results I wanted, without overtraining! I learned a lot about how my body reacted to different nutrition and workout regimens. She helped me stay on track in any and all nutritionally challenging situations I came by! I also learned the value of keeping progress pictures, because the scale doesn't always represent the entirety of the progress! She has an amazing wealth of knowledge to share with her clients, and I feel so grateful that for the past 8 months I've been able to take in as much of that information as I could! I know that I progressed immensely with my nutrition, physical shape, and mental state from working with Sam! 

I've lost 12 lbs since starting Sam's plan and FINALLY broke past my plateau weight of 170lbs. I have been trying to reach this goal since freshman year of high school. Through many nutritional "plans" and exercise classes, I found no results. After just 1 month of Sam's plan, I started seeing results and feeling amazing, and eating more than ever. After 3 months of clean eating and structured workouts, I'm feeling the most confident and happy in my own skin.

I am so HAPPY with my results from training with Sam in only 4 weeks time! I never would have expected these results in this short amount of time, but with a good trainer catering your regime to YOU - it totally is possible. She was there coaching & encouraging me the whole way through giving me the support I needed to complete each day. I went into Rockette season at the strongest, most fit I've ever been! Thank you for whipping me into shape!!!

As a fitness professional with a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, I can very honestly say that Samantha is the best trainer and coach I have ever had. She assessed my current fitness program, explained why I was not seeing results, and provided comprehensive recommendations for both exercise and nutrition. She was extremely thorough, addressing every aspect of what I told her about my needs and goals. Her guidelines were all based on sound exercise science and sports nutrition principles. Sam’s programming WORKED- for the first time in my life and after many years of attempts, I began to see real muscle definition in my arms! Results were visible after only a few weeks! Sam also monitored and revised my workouts on a weekly basis, helping me to fit my lifts into my schedule, creating workouts that used equipment available to me, and updating workouts over time to prevent plateaus. She was consistent in her communication and always available to help. She also checked my form in exercises and provided tips for improvement by performing training sessions via Skype and allowing me to send her videos. Sam was always supportive and sweet. The results I saw in my arms, combined with her positive support and encouragement, really helped me to feel better about my body – which improved my entire life!