It’s time we redefine what healthy is.  Emotional happiness should be a part of our vision of health. Yes, let’s set goals and aim to better ourselves, but not at the expense of our emotional wellbeing. Let’s throw those weights around the gym to gain strength. Let’s do some plyometrics to keep our cardiovascular system in top shape.  Let’s feed ourselves whole foods to fuel our bodies so they can perform optimally. And let’s be fit, strong, badass women who support one another because being healthy is a lot more fun than being alone and hangry. 


A lot of my friends and clients’ biggest questions for me is WHY ARBONNE?

Here’s a little personal history for ya…sorry in advance if it’s TMI!

I double majored in college and busted my booty working multiple jobs in order to move to New York debt free…I taught dance, I babysat, I personal assisted while babysitting, I worked retail, I waited tables, and I even worked for a lawyer delivering tax papers to corporations (that was interesting)…

The day I moved into my Harlem apartment in NYC, I got hired by the Rockettes.  A few short months later I was on tour and my skin was cranky.  I was sweating a lot, I was wearing a lot of makeup, and my skin felt dingy, dry, and just not good.  The woman I was ‘personal assisting while the baby was napping’ in college was a newly promoted Regional Vice President with Arbonne, driving her FREE white Mercedes, so naturally she sent me some skincare to try.  I fell in love.  I didn’t care that the products were all natural, non-GMO, chemical free, etc, all I knew was that my skin felt amazing!  I’ve been an Arbonne anti-aging skincare fan forever (let’s be real I don’t want wrinkles, so starting anti-aging products in my early 20’s was fine by me)!

Fast forward a handful of years later, when I decided to compete in my first NPC bikini competition.  I was still using my awesome Arbonne skincare and was living a healthier California lifestyle.  In preparation for the competition, I dieted HARD, I trained HARD, and I took supplements (whey, casein, BCAAs, creatine, and thermogenic fatburners) that were HARD on my system.  Ever heard of ‘bodybuilding acne’? Yah, let me tell you, when I began using whey protein, my face broke out worse than I had ever experienced and my digestion issues…well, I’ll let you use your imagination… I happened to talk to Aimee (my former boss, and now friend who was driving her free Arbonne Mercedes while being a stay at home mama to her three beautiful girls), and she told me to try the Arbonne Vegan Protein. Within two days my face began healing and my digestion issues started calming down.  I had found my miracle post workout treat!

My clients started asking me what protein to buy, so I would send them over to Aimee to purchase, and this began to happen over and over again. After a few of these instances, Aimee encouraged me to look at the business opportunity that Arbonne had to offer.  And shortly after that, I decided I would jump in and start my Arbonne business simply recommending my favorite skincare and nutrition products to my friends and clients! Now that’s a nice story…but here’s the real kicker…

Fast forward a little bit more, to where I was an Arbonne consultant and firm believer and user of the skincare and health products (Greens Powder, Fiber, Digestion Plus, Multivitamins with probiotics and prebiotics, etc)…At this point I was living the ultimate health-conscious Southern California lifestyle. I tried to buy organic whenever possible, I cooked most of my meals at home, I was training daily, I started my online training business SOMATIX, I was dancing and shooting fitness videos and teaching for Nike, I was feeling good…Except for one small thing…I was still using chemical sports supplements in my training. 

I went to a Discover Arbonne meeting in SoCal and was listening to a few of the men and women share their stories about how Arbonne changed their lives and their children’s live and it hit me—why was I living this healthy lifestyle where I cared so much about what I was eating, what I was putting onto my skin, how I looked, yet somehow overlooked or, if I’m being honest, made excuses for these nasty chemical fatburners and unregulated BCAAs and creatine that I was putting into my system?! It was the ONE part of my life that didn’t align with my vision of overall health and wellness.  These supplements were more in line with that ‘you’ve gotta have six pack abs to look good’ mentality. I had to pause, I had to check my ego, I had to look at my goals for my life, and my family, and my goals of having healthy babies and realize that what I put INTO my body (regarding supplements) is just as important as everything else. 

This was major for me.  I don’t know what those chemicals will do to my insides over time.  I don’t know what kind of reproductive, hormonal, digestive damage they will do to me.  Is it worth the risk? I felt ashamed.  I felt embarrassed.  Here I was, valedictorian of my college, with multiple fitness and nutrition certifications, simply going along with what the bodybuilding world dictated to me, rather than doing the research on my own.  I let society’s views on leanness and beauty get to me and I allowed it to sacrifice my health and the health of my future family.  I felt stupid…

Fast forward to today…I feel empowered. I have made a choice for my health, for my wellness, for my future family’s health and wellness to ONLY supplement with products that I know are pure, safe and beneficial.  (Side note-supplements in the US are not FDA regulated, so anyone can come up with a chemical formula, get it manufactured and then sell it for a profit).  The European Union bans 1400 chemical substances, the US bans 10.  Do you know what you are consuming? I can happily say that I know what I am using, I know what I stand by, and if that means I’m more likely to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies down the line instead of six pack abs right now…then I’ll take it!

Arbonne’s motto for 35 years is ‘Pure. Safe. Beneficial.’ I am passionate about this company because they believe in beauty from the inside out.  The skin and body care is made WITHOUT chemical dyes/fragrances, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, benzene, toluene, PABA, animal products or animal by-products.  The nutrition products are made WITHOUT artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, trans fats, gluten, dairy, soy, or GMOs. And beyond this, I am excited about the business opportunity, that I will be able to pick and choose what jobs I want to take, what I want to audition for, make my own schedule, and stay at home with my future babies if I choose to based on the income I can make with Arbonne…and y’all I’m earning that FREE White Mercedes in 2016.